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* This is a comic book icons community, so not for movie adaptations. You have [community profile] fandom_icons for that ;)
* Put up to three icons up as preview.
* Please don't post icons of spoilery [less than two weeks old/previews/future covers] stuff, or of NSFW stuff as a teaser icon.
* Be nice. Credit if taking any icons. Comments make the fandom go round.

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01-11 Avengers Academy
12-12 Steven Universe
13-16 XCOM 2
17-32 mics comics

H E R E @ [community profile] spankulert
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26 multifandom icons

[14] dc
[5] marvel
[6] marvel's jessica jones
[1] rat queens

here @ my livejournal
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28 comics icons

[22] dc
[6] marvel

here @ my livejournal

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icon post

☆ Silk → 117
☆ X-Men (2013) → 45

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icons | all-new x-factor, misc marvel

☆ Dragonball [N S F W] → 16
☆ Misc. Marvel Comics → 12
☆ All-New X-Factor → 105
☆ Godzilla 2014 → 08
☆ Star Wars → 06
☆ Final Fantasy X → 04

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28 multifandom icons

[13] dc
[11] marvel
[1] image
[3] marvel's daredevil (no spoilers)

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icon post

☆ CLAMP → 29
☆ Yu-Gi-Oh! → 29
☆ The Flash → 11

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+ 20 natasha romanova icons (from mixed comics)

+ 20 natasha romanova / black widow icons. (from mixed comics including deadly origin and the name of the rose.)

( here )
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29 multifandom icons

[20] marvel
[7] dc
[2] image

(possible minor Wednesday spoilers)

here @ my livejournal
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26 icons (Marvel & DC)

[20] marvel
[6] dc

here @ livejournal

27 multifandom icons

[15] marvel
[9] dc
[3] image

here @ livejournal
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25 comics icons

[15] marvel
[8] dc
[2] morning glories

(at livejournal)

Big Marvel icon batch. 400+, various.

This is the result of a couple weeks spent making icons and procrastinating on posting them. Also, I changed my size format from 200x200 to 150x150 towards the end, so they won’t all be the same size.

Comment if downloading any. Credit's appreciated, but I'm not gonna get that upset if you don't, really.


1 2 3

Download here.
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[community profile] smallbatchicons is running a Request Fest. If there are characters/comics - or anything else, the fest is multi-fandom - you can't find any icons for, now's the time to strike!
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I was wondering

If I started up a community for biweekly comic book icontests, how many of you would be (somewhat) regular participants?

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 13


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I'd participate.
10 (76.9%)

No, thanks.
3 (23.1%)